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"I didn’t read your Hair Extensions Exposed Ebook, so I didn’t have the information to check out the stylist. I am very sad because now my hair is extremely damaged and I have had to spend over one thousand dollars more going to other stylists to fix the damage from the first stylist–that I did not check out. It turns out that the first stylist used an inappropriate hair extension method for my hair, and she didn’t have experience with my type of hair"

Contrary to the rumor mill, hair used for hair extensions does NOT come from dead people. Find out where the hair does come from in Hair Extensions Exposed

We have received many Emails from consumers that have damaged hair from wearing hair extensions. Find out what you need to do to avoid damaged hair.

Hair extensions must be attached and removed properly or damage to your natural hair may occur. Find out if your stylist knows the proper procedures for working with hair extensions

Whether it’s 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning, you can place your order and start reading about hair extensions within minutes.

Hair extensions can be worn from several days to several months, depending on the method used to attach them.

Hair extensions are a great hair style option for weddings, proms, homecomings or other special occasions. Show up with long, dazzling hair and surprise everyone you know.

Hair Extensions Exposed includes details on all the popular hair extension methods today. How are the extensions attached? How much do they cost? Where do you find a stylist?

Damage can occur when attaching hair extensions, removing hair extensions or during improper maintenance of hair extensions.

Find out what happens in a hair extension consultation and what questions you should be asking your stylist.

Absolutely NOT!! In Hair Extensions Exposed, (Ebook Download) we explain how the natural hair can become damaged and what steps you can take to avoid damage.

Fact: There is a hair extension method that will work with thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, thinning hair, straight hair, damaged hair and more.

There is not one BEST hair extension method that will work for everyone. What will work for your hair, may not work for someone else. This is why it is very important to schedule several different hair extension consultations with stylists that offer different methods so you can compare and decide which method is best for your hair. In Hair Extensions Exposed there are details of over 40 different hair extension methods along with an entire chapter on how to prepare for your hair extension consultations. Do you know the important questions that you need to ask your stylist?

If you end up going to a hair extension stylist that has no training and is inexperienced with hair extensions, you could end up with permanently damaged hair. In Hair Extensions Exposed we cover all the steps to check up on your hair extension stylist. How do you know if they have received proper training?

Fact: There are no regulations or imposed standards in the human hair industry. There are many unscrupulous suppliers.

Where does the hair… Read more…

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