C-Section Recovery

Visit Sitevisit button C Section RecoveryBut this is also information that will help new moms avoid dangerous C-Section complications, risks, and could possibly help you avoid a C-Section altogether.

If you just had a C-section or expect to have one, C-Section Recovery can be tough. I know, I’ve been there. It’s painful, it’s depressing and it can seem to take forever to feel like yourself again.

Through my own personal C-Section experiences and research I’ve discovered some extraordinary, yet not well publicized, information that will help women recover faster, get back into shape quickly without the fatigue.

I’ll also demonstrate some key essentials for how to avoid overall health and future birth complications from having a C-Section; and there are several.

…and there’s so much more. In fact, I’m going to introduce you to things that you’re not likely to hear about from your doctor or your girl friends.

I’m committed to helping you every step of the way so that you are not alone but instead have the support and guidance you need for a healthy C-Section recovery and birth experience that puts YOU in control.

If I’d known then what I know today, my birth experience and c-section recovery would have been so much easier, less painful and much more rewarding.

Because of my own painful and disappointing C-Section experiences, it saddens me that other women may be going through the same things I did. And that’s motivated me to help moms all over the world:

I’ve done all the research for you. I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t work. I’ll demonstrate the safe and effective ways to transition into normal life again, including the easy ways I used to get back into shape quickly.

This isn’t a time for fear, pain, fatigue, depression or loss of control. My intention is to guide you on how to prepare for surgery, eliminate confusion, clarify concerns and communicate effectively with your doctor so that you get what YOU want, not what your doctor wants.

No more worrying about future births, miserable hospital stays, fatigue, pain, ugly scarring, adhesions, health risks, having sex again.

First of all, thank you so much for writing this book! I am a pediatrician and am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my third child, which will be my third c-section. I’m sure I’ll be writing you more later with my story, but wanted to stop and drop you a quick line.

Hi Elizabeth I just had my second c-section 3 weeks ago and unfortunately I only got your book a couple days after surgery. With my second surgery my pressure level went down to 58/53 while on the operating bed, luckily my DH was there to indicate to the Doctors present what was going on. Then after surgery the nurses gave me the pain meds 2 hours late which resulted in extreme pain and my story can go on. Forgetting this I have a beautiful and charming daughter who already has my DH smitten. She is a joy and a blessing. Your book is so informative and relevant that anyone I know who is pregnant or thinking about it I would share your site with them, it’s like the bible on a c-section delivery. Great job and thanks so much for sharing with the world. May God bless you for this gift.

I’m a nurse that works with c-section moms and you have covered so many of the questions & concerns that moms have.

Your style of writing is comforting and I’m so impressed with the candid, useful information you offer regarding c-section recovery . Women will experience a lot less fear and more support… Read more…

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